Communicative and Contextual English Instruction Material for Seventh Grade


English textbooks are one of the crucial components in the English classroom which makes it particularly essential to assess the textbooks used in schools repeatedly so it can develop their pedagogical contributions towards the teaching and learning pleasures. This research focused on the products of English instructional models by implementing a communicative and contextual approach for seventh Grades of Junior High School. The primary problem in this study is how to develop instructional material for seventh grade using communicative and contextual approach. Questionnaires, observations and a test have been used to collect the required data. The researcher analyzed the data through qualitative and quantitative methods. Limited trials were conducted on 12 students and the larger trials run on 25 students in VII grades. The proceeds in the development were as follows 1) all the learning tools based on the expert judgments are in the very valid category, 2) the practical English instruction is efficient.




International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

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