Newmark’s Translation Procedures Dealing with Additional Information in the English Target Novels


Newmark’s translation procedures are provided to accommodate cases that cannot be managed by literal translation and out of 18 procedures, four of them; Descriptive Equivalent, Expansion, Paraphrase, and Notes, Additions, Glosses deal with additional information. The four procedures are found in the Indonesian novels translated into English. Using these Newmark’s four translation procedures, this research paper is to identify the existence of the four procedures in the target texts; how they appear in the target language text, in what linguistic forms and for what function. The novels as the data source are randomly selected and the data chosen are studied by comparing the length of words involved in the target text and in the source text. The results show that not all four procedures can be found in each target text; the linguistic forms of each procedure may sometimes be similar but the functions are uniquely characterized.




International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

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