Constructing Local Aesthetic in Art and Culture Education: A Case Study of the Design of Curriculum 2013 in Indonesia

S. M. Budiyanto
Journal article International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation • August 2020 Indonesia

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The aim of the study is to show the development of curriculum in Indonesia and the focus on curriculum 2013, especially for constructing local aesthetic in art and culture education. This year is the beginning of curriculum planning of 2013 (still using until now) as the result development of School Based Curriculum, as well as the foundation of thought for the aesthetic and art education. Aesthetic Education has not been discussed for couple of times. Education brings about the government policy though it neglects its essence. Hence, it was the time for thinking ontology to recover the core value of art in the teaching learning activity, which is in concordance with the fact that children are not the adult yet, through humanism approach. Referring to the context of problem above, art education in the curriculum has been contaminated by political and economic motive, such as, politic of maintaining culture as the art education as the instrument of culture commodity, utilizing creative industry based on the skill orderliness, National Examination which leads to the instant learning and which tends to leave the humanism value and the perception of art education which was conducted as the course to train the prevalent artist. This program is in accordance with the positivism which insists on the character education on lesson plan so that it leads to the separation of the humanism value. In general, the material of the curriculum burdens children as the students. This dissertation is the proposal as well as for reverting : (1) the essence of art education as the aesthetic art in the learning process of Art Education and Cultural (AEC), (2) reverting the role of the art teacher as the actor who decides on what outcome to be produced not as the part of the outcome of production; referring to Marxism (3) converting the aesthetic of local wisdom that was embedded in the learning of process AEC, (4) reverting the diction of aesthetic as the dimension of the naturalistic humanism which is rich of the character education, Ethic education and the personality education to gain the identity as Indonesian.




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