Islamic Teachers’ Perceptions of Using Questioning for Improving Saudi Secondary Students’ Schools Learning Engagement

Mesfer Ahmad Mesfer Alwadai

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(English, 10 pages)


The paper explores the Islamic teachers’ perceptions of using questioning for improving Saudi high students’ schools learning engagement. The research conducted with a total of 150 male students attending Saudi high schools. By using the mixed-method research approaches, the researcher will collect the study data by survey and observation. Findings revealed that questioning fosters a sense of student competences and provides students with autonomy support. Also, it establishes positive teacher-student relationships and improves students high-ordered thinking. However, questioning sometimes supports class disruptions. Finally, the study recommended investigating perceptions of teachers in other disciplines, such as language arts, social science, English, and math toward using questioning in the classroom setting. Moreover, it is essential to students the effect of questioning on students learning acquisition, and learning achievement in Saudi high-schools. This study is among the first to investigate, particularly, the Islamic teachers in enhancing Saudi Secondary School Students' Learning Engagement in the context of Arab countries.





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