Strategy Politeness of Werkudara in Wayang purwa

Titis Bayu Widagdo • Djatmika .. • Henry Yustanto

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Wayang purwa is a noble culture of Javanese people which is the pride of the Indonesian people and is recognized internationally as a masterpiece. The nobleness of the puppet culture is inseparable from the strong characterization of each character in the puppet. One of the strongest characters in wayang purwa is Werkudara. This research focused on the analysis of Werkudara politeness strategies in wayang purwa in order to explore the characterizations played by Werkudara characters. This research used the politeness theory of Brown & Levinson to deepen the results of the politeness strategy analysis. This study also used descriptive qualitative methods to explain the phenomenon of speech acts of Werkudara in explaining the politeness strategies used. This research data was Werkudara's speech taken from the data source, namely the recording of Ki Nartosabdo's purwa puppet show with Dewa Ruci's play. The results of this study concluded that Werkudara was more dominant in using negative politeness in speaking. The negative politeness strategies used include giving deference; being pessimistic, and using indirect expressions. Furthermore, positive politeness strategies are used by Werkudara, including the use of group identity markers; avoiding disagreement; offering promises, and exaggeration.




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