Reading Difficulties of Grade 5 Pupils in English

Arleen G. Rivera • Ischelle G. Aggabao

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The main purpose of the study was to diagnose the reading difficulties of grade 5 pupils in English. The researchers made use of descriptive method to obtain the data on the reading difficulties, comprehension, and behavioral performance of the respondents. To gather the data, the researchers adopted the reading selections from Philippine Informal Reading Inventory as a tool in examining the reading level of the pupils. As for the respondents’ reading miscues and behavioral performance, a teacher-made questionnaire was used to determine the learning areas that require intervention. The findings of the study pointed out that grade 5 pupils had difficulties on word recognition and reading comprehension. They tend to mispronounce English words and their behavior affects their performance while reading. A proposed reading program was included in this study to provide a reading remediation to learners with reading difficulties. Alongside with this initiative, teachers may conduct drill lessons to monitor progress of the pupils on areas that need improvement. Teachers must also be aware on the common errors committed by the learners to be able to provide remedial instruction.




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