Investigating Reading Proficiency: A Case Study of a Moroccan High School

Mounim Lakhal

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The present study explores students’ primary concerns, perceptions, difficulties and attitudes characterized by a sheer lack of motivation towards reading. It also demonstrates how a language teacher can prosper in his/her own undertaking to bring about a community of readers with a want to read. This study covers an important comparison between students of three different levels, namely Common Core, First and Second year Baccalaureate. Likewise, it tries to explore the extent to which unmotivated readers are prone to meet the challenges all along the assigned reading tasks. A questionnaire was designed for analyzing the barriers towards attaining reading proficiency. It was also geared to determine the things that should be done to overcome the obstacles towards achieving the aspired reading competence. The results from this study imply that there is reason to suggest the need to develop a want in students to read via breathing life into comprehension texts presented to students. This can be done through integrating more illustrations and key vocabulary rubrics. Equally important, reading texts in students’ textbooks need to be given due importance, and dedicated efforts are to be considered on the part of textbook designers to help students attain and boost their reading skills. Reading, if done extensively, helps develop the reader’s reading competence and ultimately becomes an essential tool for academic success




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