Indonesian Female Workers in Arabic Advertisements

Hastian Suhastaman • Maman Lesmana

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(English, 13 pages)


This paper aims to look at the form, content and effectiveness of Arabic informative discourse in the advertisements of Indonesian female workers circulating on the Internet. The topic of Indonesian female workers working in Arabia is addressed in this paper as it has always been a hot topic among Arabs and Indonesians. Advertisements in Arabic on the Internet is used as a research corpus in this paper. The method used in this research is analytical descriptive method by collecting, recording, describing, and analyzing the data related to the research topic. From the results of the study, it was found that some consist of a line only and some have many lines, some consist of black and white text while some use colorful photographs or cartoons, some are in the form of a poem and some are exposition, some display simple information and others have more complete information. Overall, it can be concluded that from the perspective of advertising theories, there are advertisements that are still not in accordance with the general criteria of advertising while some are already appropriate. However, it seems that this kind of advertising exists only in Arab countries





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