Idiolect “Antawacana” Werkudara in Wayang Purwa

Titis Bayu Widagdo • Djatmika D. • Henry Yustanto

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(English, 6 pages)


Wayang Purwa is a noble culture and has the highest existence amid Javanese society until now. One of the puppet figures who is a reflection of Javanese society is Werkudara. Werkudara is a character who has his style and character that no other character has. This research highlights the characteristics of idiolect Werkudara from use undha-usuk or the variety of languages chosen by Werkudara in conversation. This study uses the sociolinguistic theory especially idiolect as a scalpel to explore the variety of undha-usuk which characterizes Werkudara figures. The method used in this study is a descriptive qualitative method to uncover the characteristic phenomena of Werkudara undha-usuk and expose idiolect patterns of Werkudara in detail . The results of this study revealed that the variety of undha-usuk used by Werkudara include Ngoko Antyabasa, Ngoko kasar, and Krama.




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