The Use of Social Media in Facilitating the Teaching and Learning Process: A Case Study of Undergraduates at University of Bisha in Saudi Arabia

Afifa Bano • Sadaf Zaman
Journal article International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation • February 2020 Saudi Arabia

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(English, 11 pages)


The study explores the use of social media in accelerating the teaching and learning process of English language. It was conducted in the Girls college of Al Namas, University of Bisha, Saudi Arabia. The electronic questionnaire consisted of multiple closed questions to acquire both qualitative and quantitative results. The participants are undergraduate students of the English Department of the above-mentioned college. The data was analyzed using pie chart and histogram. During the period of teaching English language, we, as lecturers, noticed that the students are very efficient in the use of modern technology, but unfortunately, they do not use them in the target language, instead they use all the social media networks in their mother tongue, i.e, Arabic. This way even being coherent to the modern technology they do not use it to improve their second language skill. Their disposition of using Arabic language everywhere and everything creates a big hindrance for them to avail the benefits of social media networks in learning English language. Through this paper we tried to motivate the students to enhance their capabilities to utilize social media network in boosting their English language skills. At the same time, we have tried to make the English language as an interesting subject to facilitate the teaching and learning process.




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