Fostering Multiliteracies through Blended EFL Learning

Dandan Zhang • Yanxun Zou

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(English, 9 pages)


A multiliteracies pedagogy has been gaining momentum in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching and learning. Modern educational technologies integrated in EFL course design hold promising potential to foster students’ multiliteracies. The present study aims to examine the effectiveness of a blended EFL course design and investigate to what extent blended learning enhances students’ multiliteracies. To this end, a questionnaire was administered to 94 first-year Chinese college students in their English class. Online posts by students were collected and interviews with the teacher and the students were conducted with the aim of triangulating the questionnaire results. The study shows that a blended EFL course designed in accordance with the framework of Community of Inquiry is well received by students and has improved students’ multiliteracies significantly. The cognitive and teacher-related aspects of the framework are particularly facilitative towards the development of multiliteracies. The significance and implications of the findings are also discussed.




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