Diagnosing the Qualitative Effects of Applying the 13 Kris Bales Creative Informal Assessment’s Techniques: Re-Building the EFL Students’ “Stress-Free” Reading Assessment Tasks

Yohannes Telaumbanua • Desi Yulastri • Muthia Damaiyanti

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(English, 19 pages)


Answering the well-defined reading comprehension’ questions and witnessing the EFL students’ great worry, a lot of stress, headaches, fear, and sleeping difficulties of always thinking the grades after doing such tasks are the critical issues raised in undertaking this research. Such conditions adversely affect the students’ knowledge, competences, performance, and skills of English. This study, therefore, aimed at re-building the PNP ED students’ “Stress-Free” Reading assessment tasks by diagnosing the multiplicative effects of the Kris Bales’ CIAT. A qualitative method, observation, and Mile and Huberman’s model were ways of entailing the research design, collecting, and analysing the data. The research findings indicated that the Kris Bales’ CIAT has practically and significantly effect on the students’ reading strategies’ improvement, reading skills’ progress, language skills’ augmentation, vocabulary knowledge of lexical and grammatical collocations, cognitive skills of perceptions, attention, memory, and logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. In conclusion, the Kris Bales’ CIAT of Oral presentation, Journaling, Paper Toss, Matching/Concentration, Exit Slips, Demonstration, Drawings, Narration and Self-Evaluation best described, well improved and practically progressed the PNP ED students’ knowledge and skills of English. Teachers of English are, therefore, encouraged to take account of applying such techniques in order to exempt the students from psychological pressures




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