Impact of Visual media in Children’s Literature: A Paradigm of Cognitive/Psycholinguistic approach

Veena Vijaya

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(English, 8 pages)


Throughout centuries, children’s books have influenced the identity creation of children in various levels, in the form of fairy tales, folk tales, picture books, Disney cartoons, and movies. Modern child spends more time with interactive learning/visual aids than with traditional pedagogical means which mainly consist of printed texts. Majority of their learning and leisure activities include focus on picture books, flash cards or several interactive pedagogical structures like interactive boards, pop-up books, animated movies etc. Receptive skills in children can be enhanced in their developmental stage in this way. It aids their psychological development and language acquisition skills along with socio-cultural aspects. Adults also relive their childhood days while engaging themselves with children and children’s books carrying the roles of facilitator, caretaker, parent or educator. This paper discusses the impact that visual media has imparted in the field of children’s literature and how it helps in the cognitive and psycho- linguistic development of children. Visual media has gained greater importance in recent years and has incredibly affected the contemporary modern world. It has made a tremendous influence in the field of literature, specifically in children’s literature. I postulate that children’s literature lays the foundation of shared intergenerational, national and international culture, a barometer of beliefs and anxieties about children and childhood, and a body of literature with its own genres, classic texts and avant-garde experiments.




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