A Discourse on Bangla Translation of Arabic Texts: Need-Based Studies in Bilingual Issues

Md. Faruquzzaman Akan • Abdelrahman Elyass Mohamed Abdelmajd

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(English, 11 pages)


In this paper, the challenges of translating Arabic into Bangla and finding any possible means are tried to some great extent. Translation is at all times a very tough task and confronted with various issues. Since translation is one of the most intricate and subtle areas of language studies, translators must be aware of both the surface and underlying relations of language. The characteristic elements are also transferred from one language into the other through translation. Translation from Arabic to Bangla or vice versa creates a lot of difficulties because these two languages are of different and distant origins though translation between two languages from the same origin has fewer difficulties. The problems of translation falls under five major areas of language: syntactic, semantic, stylistic, phonological and usage. So, this research paper focuses on some need-based discussion regarding translating the Arabic text, specially the language, into Bangla. To help the non-native users of the two languages understand better, the IPA transcription as well as English meaning is also provided where necessary.





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