The Implicature of Dialogue Discourse in “Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them” Movie Script: A Psycholinguistics Analysis Study

Dinara Pinasti Sakanti

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(English, 6 pages)


In the process of speech production, people start with such planning about the topic which is pronounced and turn it into verbal words or sentences that are used as the output. Meanwhile in film production, a script can be seen as it is made for those requirements in order to carry out a character. Within the process of movie production, a script has an important role as it is used to control dialogues and conversations which are the nature of a movie. As silence movies appeared in 70-80s era, here comes the revolution of the nature of movies, which is shown with such rich of visual appearances. It also has following the controlled script to see the connections between overall proper emotions due to an evidence or in a phenomenon. Here, from the way people utter their words which is written down in the script, it turns out to be their persistent character. The implicature of the dialogue discourse from this audiovisual media can be sought. Hence with it, this mini-research is conducted in order to seek it; the aim is to analyze the implicature of the functions of segments of dialogue discourse which are in form of the transcript of a movie and see the visual appearance of the scenes. From all movies, the researcher has chosen the British-American movie “Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them” as the quality of the dialogues and conversations is required. This article uses qualitative method. In the findings, there are some scenes and the dialogue from the movie which are the implicature of the personalia segment, common ground segment, joint action segment, the contribution segment, and the structure of conversation.




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