Linguistic Politeness of Tourism Personnel: Social Interaction among Local Tourists in Context

Jovanie B. Garay

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(English, 28 pages)


This qualitative study employed the phenomenological approach to determine the linguistic politeness strategies covered in the interaction among tourist personnel and local visitors in Mt. Hamiguitan UNESCO World Heritage Site. The study explored how the local visitors were accommodated in the social interaction as well as the insights of the participants about politeness in general in the tourism industry. Results revealed that the participants observed inconsistencies of tourist personnel employing polite verbal and non-verbal expressions in accommodating the local visitors. Inconsistent expressions of greetings and smiles among tourist personnel were also observed inside the museum. It was also found out from the themes generated that tourism personnel manifested proper and improper linguistic politeness expression in accommodating the local tourist. In addition, politeness was relatively affected by social status and places of origin of the local visitors. It was observed that politeness of the tourist personnel was influenced by the culture of the visitors in the interaction. Results also revealed that there may be a need of trainings for tourist personnel on politeness expressions and gestures and active involvement of residents in the area in promoting local tourism.




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