The Conceptual Metaphors of Building and Construction in Newspaper and Research Article

Farahman Farrokhi • Ali Akbar Ansarin • Somaye Ashrafi

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(English, 10 pages)


Cognitive linguists do not view metaphor as a decorative and marginal device but as a tool to reflect different ways of phenomena understanding and situation embodiment. This paper seeks to comparatively analyze the source domain of building and construction in three areas of economics, politics, and health studies in English newspapers and research articles within the framework of cognitive linguistics, to determine which register has the more pervasiveness of metaphors and also to find out the similarities and differences of conceptual metaphors (CMs) in two registers and their respective areas. To this end, MIP (Metaphor Identification Procedure) was used to properly locate and identify metaphors in the corpus of a 1,529,106 words, which was extracted from online newspaper and research article journals between a three years period from the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2018. A chi-square analysis was conducted to see whether the frequency distribution of CMs in the corpus was meaningful or not. The results indicate that research articles tended to employ more metaphorical expressions of building and construction than the newspaper because of the different physical environment. Furthermore, the CMs in politics outnumber the other fields of study. The results aim at enhancing learners and teachers’ perspective toward CMs in different registers and genres.





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