Male Characters’ Expressive Speech Act on Romantic Speech Events in New Moon

Ihyak Mustofa • M.R. Nababan • Djatmika ..

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This study is a sociopragmatics study. It aimed at describing types of expressive speech act uttered by male characters on romantic speech event on New Moon novel written by Stephanie Meyer. To collect the data, this research used descriptive qualitative method. The data are obtained from male characters’ utterances on romantic speech events. The romantic speech event is described by context when the male characters do the speech acts. Before the data are analyzed, they are validated by 3 raters through FGD (Focused Group Discussion). The result of this study showed that there are 15 types of expressive speech act, they are: showing dislike, caring, regretting, surprising, apologizing, greeting, loving, mocking, showing relief, giving a compliment, confessing, encouraging, showing anger, and thankin.





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