Resultative Constructions in Toba Batak Language

Srisofian Sianturi • Mulyadi ..

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This study discusses the expression of resultative constructions meaning in Toba Batak Language. The data were taken from interview, daily conversation, utterances in ceremonies and TBL folklore. The findings of the study are: 1) TBL applied three phrase resultatives e.g., adjectival resultative (APs), prepositional resultative (PPs) and noun resultative (NPs) constructions; 2) There are two types of resultatives in TBL, they are: weak resultatives (APs and PPs) and strong resultatives (APs and NPs) are found in TBL; 3) The results are not placed in the end of clause; and 4) The result is formed from morphological verb MA- + verb for adjectival resultative, PP + adjective for the Prepositional resultative constructions and Ma-+verb+-an for noun resultative construction.





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