The Problems of Religious Translation

Mohamed Ali Elsiddig Ibrahim

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The religious translation is one of the most difficult translations for the translator and interpreter as it relates to the biggest and most sensitive issue in the human life, the issue of religion and belief. Man naturally loves his religion and clings to his faith more than anything else. From this perspective comes the importance of religious translation, which is needed by more than a billion Muslims around the world, who do not speak Arabic, in order to transfer the Sharia sciences to them in different languages they speak. The study follows descriptive, comparative and analytical methods. The hypotheses correspond with the results that the translator faces a problem when translating the religious texts. There are several problems when translating religious texts, such as the problems related to word and semantics. The results showed that the translator and interpreter face some problems at the semantic and word levels; also, the study made some recommendations to find the suitable equivalents in the other languages.





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