The Link Between Masculinity and HIV Among The Basotho

Palesa Khotso

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(English, 12 pages)


This study is motivated by a need for another phase / strategy that the Basotho have to adopt in the fight against the newly infected patients of HIV and the related illnesses. Regardless of many efforts that Lesotho government through the ministry of Health puts into place such as Know your Status’, ‘Kick for life’ Television dramas etc., there are still new infections of HIV among the Basotho. Most interestingly, Lesotho has a small population though it is second in HIV prevalence in the world. Therefore, there is a need for more strategies to be employed in order to help in the fight against new infections. This study focuses on the masculine language and its influence on HIV infections among the Basotho in Lesotho. As a direct consequence, this study intends to find out the contribution of masculine language on HIV and its related illnesses among the Basotho. The study adopts Cathexis Masculinity theory to unpack data. It collects data through interviews: both structured and unstructured. The study finds out that the language that is used to construct masculinity among the Basotho highly contributes to the new infections hence the need to propose another phase and strategy to tackle HIV and related illnesses.





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