Designing Online Materials for Blended Learning: Optimising on BookWidgets

Sujatha Aravindakshan Menon

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(English, 9 pages)


With the growing advancements in technology and their highly influential role in teaching and learning, present day teachers find themselves grappling with a whole set of parameters against which they need to measure themselves constantly. One cannot be a proficient teacher in the true sense of the word if he or she is merely good at classroom management. There is more to it than meets the eye. The teacher has to cut across domains in order to scale heights in a bid for survival in today’s highly competitive scenario. Earlier, materials design, curriculum design, research, teacher development, etc. were the domains of ivy-tower researchers and pedagogues. But now, the teacher has to know a bit of all in order to handle the present tech-savvy learners. This paper is an attempt to orient those teachers who are at the beginner’s level or the intermediate level to use user-friendly online platforms to design tasks and activities. The purpose of doing so is to enable teachers to create a highly interactive learning set up for the purpose of blended learning or for any online learning that serves more of a supplementary role. The research focuses on the Belgium-based platform BookWidgets to strengthen its claim that the right materials at the right time for the right learners is sure to yield the right results. There are different types of softwares covered under three main apps in BookWidgets – Test and Review, Games, and Miscellaneous. The research concludes with an evaluation of the platform based on Chapelle’s evaluation criteria. The conclusion attempts to strengthen the claim that BookWidgets is, in every sense, one of the best options for interactive learning.





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