The Effects of Sociolinguistics Factors on Learning English: A Case Study

Abolfazl Mosaffa Jahromi • Mahmoud Mobaraki

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There are some factors like educational, psychological, administrative, sociolinguistics and etc. which affect on the learning of a second language. We probed age, gender and parents’ jobs as three sociolinguistics factors in relation to learn English as second language by Iranian students. The authors tried to know whether the three mentioned factors have influence on learning English or not. To answer this question, a statistical population of all secondary school students in Shiraz, one of the cities in Iran, was selected for this field research. First, five secondary school were selected by cluster sampling method from all the existed secondary schools in Shiraz. And then, Ninety girls and ninety boys were chosen to participate in this investigation. A questionnaire of fifteen-items was designed to collect data. The researchers applied Split- half reliability and obtained a reliability coefficient of 0.9. One way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), t-test and Pearson Product Moment correlation statistics applied for the data analysis. The result showed that in spite of previous researches, gender and age have no meaningful significant effect on the use of English by Iranian students. On the other hand, this field study came to conclusion that fathers or mothers’ occupations have an important role in the students’ use of learning English at school. So, we can infer from the conclusion that families with lower social and occupational status should compensate this shortage with different and exciting motivations for their children to learn English better at school.





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