Investigating EFL Saudi Students’ Vocabulary Improvement in Micro-blogging on Twitter at Imam University

Khawater Alshalan

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(English, 8 pages)


This paper reflects the reality of today’s education and how it is governed by a digital native generation. Technology has become a crucial factor in people’s social and educational lives. In nearly every educational area, social networks are being used. This paper claims that the social networking sites of teaching English as a FL improve learners’ English language skills, as they become authors and readers. This study investigates how a particular social networking tool, which was Twitter, that could be used in improving foreign language vocabulary skills. The purpose of the study was to determine EFL Saudi female students’ improvements in vocabulary acquisition as well as their attitudes and motivation towards tweeting and reading others’ tweets. Further, this paper suggests including Twitter into language teaching because it is crucial to use technology in our courses in order to improve FL teaching methods. n





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