Influence of Narrative Journalism through Storytelling

P. Harshini • T. C. Jayaneela Sneha

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(English, 4 pages)


Narrative Journalism has become one of the most important art forms in literature through education, in which story telling plays a vital. It has been in vogue for a past few years and grabs the attention of the readers. The art of applying story telling is in building a proper narrative to support and reflect a brand’s values of the plots that turns to be a story to be delivered. Narrative journalism attracts and stays in the minds of the readers through ways like delivering the story with expression, actions etc while following the S undeviating form of the normal tradition of conveying a story. The one key to Narrative Journalism is the truth, which offers the basic question of who, what, when and where the story happens. Storytelling has become a major part of human life with real or imaginary events. It is the most powerful thing in the world; it connects the dots of our communities even though technology has taken its stand currently. This paper deals in length on how narrative journalism has carved a niche in the field of storytelling with the connection of nonfiction. Through plots they include the characters of a person, place or things and use descriptive prose to bring the reader into the story, often with the intent of provoking feelings. Mostly narrative story telling often takes on strong subjects like human interest, culture or history. The paper aims to speak in length on how narrative journalism and storytelling appear as two major facets in creating interest, a sense of thrill and a form of entertainment to readers.





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