Explosion of Digital Journalism Through Social Media

P. Harshini • V. Madhumidha

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(English, 4 pages)


This paper deals with how Digital Journalism has risen against all odds on social media from the stand point of various people and their positions in the society. There was once a belief that Digital Journalism would change the minds and ideas of audience interaction through social media in unusual ways and it has almost become a reality. The use of Digital Journalism is to convey valuable news and information to increase consumption of news. The rise of social media over a decade has strongly influenced and set minds thinking on how news was previously reported and digested. Social media has drastically altered Digital Journalism. It asserts through the aid of e-mail, chat rooms, message boards, online newspapers, twitter etc. and has strongly fascinated the audience minds and made them almost glued to their seats. Currently Digital Journalism has spread all over the world and plays a vital role in day to day life and also grabs the attention of young and old alike especially students to educate them about the world happenings. In Digital Journalism, the way of exposing the news was to totally influence the minds of audience and to make them think creatively and with wit. This paper communicates in length on how Digital Journalism through social media communicates with audience and helps them to be updated with day to day incidence.




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