The Role of M-Learning in Decreasing Speaking Anxiety for EFL Learners

Ahmad Fawzi Shamsi • Suhail Altaha • Ilkay Gilanlioglu

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(English, 7 pages)


This study examines the role of m-learning in decreasing speaking anxiety for EFL learners. The researchers believe there is a relationship between Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) and anxiety. In other words, using mobiles to learn speaking can decrease the amount of anxiety the learners have and motivates them to speak in public. The study included 9 participants (6 females and 3 males); they are either students or graduates of different departments at Aleppo University. First, the learners took a FLCAS pretest. Then, they joined a group on WhatsApp for four weeks, where they had to respond to three tasks a week. At the end of the course, the learners took the FLCAS posttest. Then, 4 participants were interviewed to see their opinions, feedback, and notes about the experience they underwent. The results show that m-learning has significantly decreased the learners' anxiety in speaking English as a foreign language.





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