Investigating the Role of Classroom Interactional Activities in Developing University Students' Writing Skills at Arab Countries

Hassan Mahill Abdallah Hassan • Mohammad Kamal Uddin • Rana Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar

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This paper aims to investigate the extent to which teachers can play an effective role to develop students' writing skills through classroom interaction at the Arab Countries Universities. The researcher has adopted the qualitative method as well as the test as a tool for collecting data relevant to the study. It is an attempt to highlight the importance of classroom interactional activities in developing students' writing skills. The sample of this study comprises of non-specialized students who study English as requirement at the Arab Countries Universities as a representative sample. The marks obtained from the test were compared. Accordingly, the results have revealed that classroom interactional activities play a great role in developing students' writing skill. The result has also shown that the test significance indicates that there is equivalence among students after being exposed to classroom interactional activities. Therefore, this indicates that students are in need of interaction activities to develop their writing skills.





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