Techniques of Teaching Professional Vocabulary with special reference to Vocabulary used in Media

Najmus Sarifa

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(English, 4 pages)


English became one of the common modes to get back to the audience and common mass. Media jargons and registers are not very easy to handle and vocabulary is a key issue in media studies. This research solely emphasizes on the importance of professional English vocabulary. It also focuses on professional vocabulary of Electronic and Print Media in context of ESP. It enlightens on how different vocabulary teaching strategies can be well exploited in teaching vocabulary to the students of Electronic and Print Media. These activities of vocabulary teaching are strongly opposed to rote learning. These activities are highly productive and can be used not only for ESP learners but also for ESL and EFL students. It is a comparative research. After identifying the problem, a hypothesis has been formulated. A detailed study of literature review has been done. Similarities and differences between various vocabulary teaching strategies are being obtained. The findings of the study showed that context clues for teaching of vocabulary appears to be quite fruitful, particularly while teaching subject specific vocabulary or technical words and jargons. Vocabulary learned through this strategy is more concrete and allows learners to use their word knowledge both receptively and productively.





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